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Erik Mills, President LinkedIn

Erik Mills joined Heitman Analytics in 2002 as a data analyst. Throughout his tenure he has excelled in processing and operations to become the Vice President of Operations and Analysis. Erik has overseen the expansion of products from weekly ten tier reports to daily pricing in over 60 markets.

Erik also stewards product development; rolling out numerous detailed pricing and volume reports and summaries on a myriad of products in the retail, wholesale and correspondent channels. He has consistently maintained and expanded internal client relationships through delivery of consistent high-quality reports. Erik continuously monitors and analyzes feedback from clients to improve Heitman Analytic’s systems, process and reports. Erik holds a BA in Anthropology from the University of Santa Barbara.

Sheena Foster, VP Operations, Analyst

Sheena Foster is a data analyst and VP of Operations at Heitman Analytics. She began her career there in August 2013 and she specializes in studies of complex loan programs, including Foreign National and Asset Dissipation loans.

She attended the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA where she studied African-American Literature and Cultural Anthropology.

She resides in Eugene, OR and has an extensive yarn collection that isn't being utilized nearly as often as it should be, because she keeps purchasing more yarn.

Magnus Kisslig, Senior System Developer LinkedIn

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